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A Tale of Two Utensils: When Loading The Dishwasher, Should Silverware Point Up Or Down?

This was an early, unexpectedly polarizing topic for us: I pointed my silverware up because I’d been plagued by old dishwashers for most of my life and that was the only way to get it clean; and she pointed it down because years in the restaurant biz taught her that’s how you avoid fingerprints in fine dining. (Shout-out to the dishwashing pros of the world.)⠀ Silly? Maybe. Yet it’s one of many minor “but-I’ve-always-done-it-this-way” adjustments you make when you move in together. ⠀ In the end, I acquiesced because I saw the practicality in reducing the risk of jabbing a fork tine under my fingernail (guilty)...and, because she’s awfully convincing with that smile. Turns out, with a decent dishwasher, spoons get pretty clean no matter what direction they are in. Usually. 🤨⠀ (Next time I’ll talk about her time-saving obsession I mean cough *trick* for batching utensils by size and type in the dishwasher basket, so you grab all the smalls or bigs at once for super-fast, could-almost-do-it-without-looking unloading. #gamechanging or #slightlyocd? You decide. I won’t tell.)⠀


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