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When Did You Last Impress Them?

When was the last time your partner saw you do something that truly impressed them?

I’m specifically NOT talking about every day moments (“Dinner was really good tonight, Honey.”). I’m talking about something that knocks their socks off and reminds them how impressive you are.

Everyone has talents and it’s those skills that originally helped to attract your partner. Presumably, they fell in love with you because they were drawn to your personality, your sense of humor, your looks, your values, and your talents.

But how long has it been since your partner saw you shine? Does your partner get to see you when you are at your best? Do they get to experience you in situations that lead them to get turned on and proud of your accomplishments?

This goes well beyond just hearing about your successes. Do they actually get to directly observe you in action? For example, if you are an amazing sales person, do they get to see you in your element negotiating a difficult deal, or do they just hear about it at the dinner table that night?

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can simply conference your partner into your next big negotiation call. But are you creating opportunities in your personal life to demonstrate your skills in front of your partner? This isn’t about showing off, this is to give them the chance to see a side of you that they adore, but perhaps don’t get to see everyday.

Seeing and experiencing are two totally different things. When you hear about a great story, you have to fill in the blanks by imagining the setting, the people, the words, the environment. When you witness it first hand, it becomes the fuel that transforms imagination into memory. It’s the difference between guessing what it would be like to go to the Sistine Chapel and actually smelling the paint and hearing how the sound echoes off the incredible murals. 

Don’t just tell your partner about your day and your talents. Find ways to show them. Allow them to experience the physical and emotional rush of seeing your strengths and being attracted to you all over again.


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