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True or False: Eating Habits Change After You Couple. Discuss.

It’s easy to eat exactly how you choose when you’re single because you can design your food and exercise habits to suit your lifestyle. But when you partner up, you’ll undoubtably need to make some adjustments, and that can take some time to figure out. Does one partner have a higher metabolism and the other have higher self-control? This can set up for an imbalance that can impact how one partner physically feels and even change someone’s appearance.

The Great Cohabiting Food Divide can run a lot deeper than just two people's food preferences. Allergies, sensitivities and medically prescribed diets can lead to unwanted and unexpected sacrifices. Don’t despair! There have been very tasty advances in the quality and availability of alternative foods for gluten-free, meat-free and other “free” diets, and being aware of those ingredients can go a long way toward allowing you to enjoy your favorite dishes at the same table as your food-sensitive partner. Keep an open mind and make experimenting together part of the journey.

It’s easy to check in with your partner now and again to see how they are doing with your new joint diet. Are there any changes they'd like to make? Are your shared meals making them feel like they’ve gained weight or feel different from their optimal? If you’ve partnered well you’ll be eating a lot of meals together! It’s important to know you’re serving (and being served) stuff that suits you.


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