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'Cohabimating' Is Cause For Celebration.

You’ve done it: You’re no longer just’re now cohabimates! 🏡👫⠀ Moving in together can be exciting, magical, fun... and also a little terrifying. Suddenly, things you could hide during your separate-house-dating-relationship are exposed. Sure, you’ll emphasize your cute quirks...but what about the more private or embarassing ones? (We all have ‘em; we just don’t discuss ‘em.) Personal grooming? Superstitious rituals? Farts? They can bring some anxious moments. ⠀ What about disagreements about household responsibilities? Have you already talked about the way you like the bed made? How tidy to keep the kitchen sink? What laundry detergent to use? Or will you🤞🏼and figure it out as you go? Could you be the unintended star of the next #toiletpaperwatch2018 a la The Holderness Family?⠀ Have you seen “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Prime? (It’s a great show). There’s a relatable but painful scene in the first episode— 16 minutes in—where Midge wakes after her new husband falls asleep to do her nighttime beauty routine, and then in the morning wakes earlier than he does to put on her face and coiff her hair...all to maintain the illusion of her effortless perfection. ⠀ one should have to go to Midge-like extremes; but it’s true that all the things that once lived off camera are potentially on screen for your live-in partner to witness. And that’s what cohabimating is all about: #thegoods.⠀ So take comfort in all that makes you, you, because your partner fell for you as you are. Cohabimating together means you’ll both learn new things about each other. Just remember to laugh with (not *at*!) each other along the way and enjoy the show. ⠀ ⠀


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