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Crucial Conversations: How To Ask Your Partner Tough Stuff.

Most of us struggle bringing up difficult conversations. They're usually preceded by plenty of anxious internal self-talk and nerves that emotionally charge the conversation before it even begins.

How will they answer?

What if they get upset?

What if I’m right?

What if I’m wrong?

And then there's your partner...the one on the receiving end. Have they felt a shift in your behavior or attitude recently and are unconsciously preparing for something heavy? Have they tried to draw you out by inviting you to share your thoughts? Maybe they are completely unaware, and will feel ambushed without a chance to prepare.

Crucial conversations are essential for relationships that last. Entering into those conversations can take some practice, though. Cohabimates offers a safe way to explore key questions and topics that will improve your connection and strengthen your compatibility. The best part? You can use our questions however you like. Want to covertly sneak in some talking points over a dinner conversation? Nothing wrong with that. Want to tag your BAE in our feed and invite them to think about our posts before discussing? Great choice. We’ve got a range of topics to play with. Hit a tough one that you aren’t ready for? Skip it and maybe come back to it later. Find one that creates an up-all-night-two-bottles-of-wine-getting-to-know-you-better session? Awesome. Try a question and want to take it in a different direction or re-write it? We won’t tell....


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