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Harvesting Love Is Always In Season.

Cohabimating takes hella lot of #EffortNotWork, so it’s important to remember to reap what we grow from sowing all of our relationship seeds. Here’s what I mean: One night over dinner— about a year-and-a-half into our relationship—he declared it our “Recognition Night.” Our mission? To remember the many milestones we’d accomplished despite mountains of obstacles that could’ve kept us apart.

At first, it seemed uncharacteristically indulgent, but my love is uncanny about knowing what’s needed and when. For months we’d been wading through an extra tough run of his 4-year divorce process. Our tanks were low. Yet in no time, we were smiling and feeling proud that amid the worst parts of the journey, we were carving positivity and light for ourselves and his children practically out of thin air: We’d been building a safe and healthy home for his girls; we were modeling what respectful, mutual love looks like while adulting, vacationing and nesting; and we were deepening our love by deliberately looking ahead at our future as much as we could despite current circumstances that wanted to bring us downnnnnn. Even if you and your love haven’t struggled to get where you are, enlightening convos that remind you both where you’ve been feel like you’re giving yourself a golden ticket. How do you “harvest” with your love? 🍂 Get cozy on your couch with a notebook and a bottle of your most indulgent adult beverage, and start writing everything you’ve done together that’s made your heart sing. 🍂 Make a dinner reservation at a special place, dress up all fancy-like, and walk through your relationship month by month...remembering your accomplishments. 🍂 Surprise your love by leaving index cards in their drawers with your favorite memories of your time together. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United entire day dedicated to sharing a seasonal harvest and collective gratitude. Whether or not you celebrate, enjoy some “relationship harvesting” with your partner. You may be surprised how simply appreciating your accomplishments can bring you closer together.


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