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How Does Your Partner Handle Bad News?

In the beginning of a growing relationship, you’re (hopefully) surrounded by more good feels than bad, so it may seem uncomfortable or forced to explore what happens when shit goes down before it actually goes down. Yet knowing how your partner responds to bad news or difficult situations can head off unnecessary anxiety or uncertainty when their behavior changes. ⠀ Notice: ⠀ • Do they get silent and broody...processing the news and working through it solo? ⠀ • Do they get mad and short and need space? ⠀ • Do they need a long night of talking over bottles (plural) of wine? ⠀ • Do they need to hit the gym hard and sweat it out? Or do they want to be distracted? ⠀ • Are they emotional shoppers? Emotional eaters?⠀ • Can they verbalize how they want you to support them when they hit a rough patch? ⠀ • Are they looking for sympathy or does that only annoy them? ⠀ • Do they want you to draw them out with questions, or have you wait until they bring stuff up?⠀ The more you can lean on and support each other through those patches, the stronger the team of “we” is built. Knowing *how* to best support each other (hopefully, before you even have to) is a priceless foundation on which everything else you create will be balanced. ⠀


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