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How Important Is Exercise To Your Partner?

HIM: A recent schedule change erased 45 minutes of walking I used to log every day, so on Monday, I went to the gym for the first time in about 100 years. This was a pretty big deal, because while I enjoy being in shape, I don’t really enjoy the gym. I'd much rather row, hike or rock climb, but New England winters make for a lot of inside time. (And while I like at-home videos—shout out to P90X —with a busy house and one TV, I have trouble finding time and space for them...literally and figuratively.) I’m fortunate to have a fast metabolism and good muscle memory (both make getting into shape pretty easy when I put my mind to it), yet as I ease into my 40s, I’ve noticed my tone isn’t what it was, and my conditioning could be better. I want to feel good in my skin, look good for my pre-wife and be healthy for my kids; but truthfully, I’m not dedicated to exercise. If I see ebbs or flows in my weight or energy I adjust my lifestyle as I go…like hitting the gym for the first time in a hundred years on a random Monday in December. 🧗🏻‍♂️ HER: I've struggled maintaining a consistent exercise routine my whole life and the only thing I’ve been able to commit to is a kundalini yoga practice. On days I spend the hour and a half on a full practice, I'm more at peace and can handle almost anything. Plus, it keeps me toned. But I don’t make that kind of time enough. My saving grace? I’m diligent with what I eat and drink. Adaptogens. Water. Juice. It works for me. Even though I’d prefer pizza. Daily. While I’m not in the shape I wish I was, I'm grateful he's not an avid gym-goer. I know me, and I’d either feel guilty for not wanting to join him, or even more miserable because I did. For now, I’m content with my body, and happiest that I feel healthy; that my pre-husband wants me regularly; and that I can hit a bouncy house better than most step-mums my age.👳🏻‍♀️ ⚡️TAKEAWAY⚡️ Being on the same exercise page as your partner shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but understanding the page they're on (and why) can fuel a partnership that honors the time, space and health needs of someone you’re thinking about cohabimating with (or that lucky gal or guy with whom you already do)!


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