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How Many Hours Of Sleep Does Your Partner Need?

This might seem like a subtle reference to *other* nocturnal activities, but for those just starting to cohabitate together, there’s a real health issue here.⠀ I’ve learned that on average, I can function on five hours of sleep, operate well on six, and move mountains with eight. Her thresholds are roughly the same—which works well for us—but she’s more of a night owl and I have a weekday early-morning commute. We’ve had to come up with a schedule that meets both our needs without turning our convos into dialogue from the next angry zombie movie. What about your partner? What are they like when they’re over-tired? When they’re well rested? (And...which is better for you and your relationship?)⠀ Only way to know is to ask about their magic hours. Depending on work schedules, activities, children, hobbies, and all the many other adulting commitments we tend to accumulate, it’s worth a check in. (And if other nocturnal activities get in the way then, I’m sure you’ll find a way to survive).

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