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Would Your Partner Rather Own a Forever Home, or Rent and Travel?

American Dream or gypsy mentality: Do you know where your partner’s homebody-inclinations fall? 🤔 This is a super Q to chew on together before cohabimation, and here’s why:

For eons, home ownership and nesting into a community were the stuff that proverbial dreams were made of. While that’s still utopia for many...downsizing before retirement-age (or never having “upsized” at all) can be more appealing to wanderlusters with a little nomad in ‘em…the type who’d prefer globetrotting over the perceived energetic and financial weight of a mortgage.

Can couples have a grounding, inviting physical home *and* a lifestyle that embraces frequent travel? For sure. It’s called adopting a “both/and” mentality…aka: compromising at the crossroads of where stability and serendipity, er, "cohabimate.” Ways to compromise? FOR THE NESTER: Buy or rent within your means so your in-the-black budget allows for more yes than no when your luster asks to book an adventure. FOR THE LUSTER: Plan one budget-friendly, fly-far-far-away trip a year so you two have something grand to look forward to while enjoying the home and community your nesting-love believes in building. FOR THE NESTER: Plan a weekend or two IN ADDITION TO that big yearly trip so your luster can feel like their wings aren’t clipped. FOR THE NESTER: Engage your luster in developing the vibe of your home…making it SO appealing, they won’t care if you go away less, they’ll just be grateful you both share a (beautiful) address together.

With crucial conversations like this lifey one, listening to understand what drives your love's preference for roots or wings is key to planning a living sitch that satisfies you both. (And, your answers will impact how you save money and where you spend it…two things that inevitably impact everyone’s future, even when it comes to seemingly innocuous cohabiquestions like this one.)

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