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Why A Bedroom Oasis Is For More Than Just Sleeping

My favorite place in our house is the master bedroom (and not only for the reasons you'd think, though I like where your head's at).

We’ve decorated our bedroom in a way that it serves as a respite from the "business" of life: Where other rooms have a tendency to serve as containers for key things our family likes, wants, and needs, we take great care to keep our master bedroom free from clutter and visual noise.

It's truly an oasis: No piles of laundry. No kids' toys. No TV. Nothing's left out that needs a home.

Instead, we intentionally used soft lighting; put on a diffuser before bed for breathing in just the right scents; have plenty of plants from our favorite local greenhouse and a Himalayan salt lamp for clean air and bringing in the outdoors we love so much; and a palate of calm colors tempered with a few high-vibe accents to make the room interesting (Jen loves her some mixed prints). Oh, and we make our bed religiously. We consciously created a space that rejuvenates us every time we enter it. It feels like a boutique hotel room that's miraculously filled with our favorite things (though we're still working on how to have in-house room service).

My favorite two moments of the day are climbing into bed at night next to Jen and waking up next to her. Sometimes, as soon as we get the girls to bed, we close up the house and retire to our space with a nightcap, reading materials and the list of things we wanted to discuss that we didn't get around to earlier in the day. Sometimes we take in a computer or iPad to watch a streamed show. And all of the time, it's simply our favorite place to crawl into for whatever nocturnal activity is taking place. Our decision to create a bedroom oasis that supports our love (and limited quality time with each other) is one of the most important things we’ve done in our commitment to a #nofuckinghoneymoon atmosphere despite a varied, rich and layered life with two littles under 10; three fish; a dog; and soon, two puppies.

(And yes, there's a hook-and-eye high on the door. Wink.)

So: Do you have a space in your life that exists for the sole purpose of nurturing your relationship? Is it a room in your house—a special couch or corner of your yard for talking, dreaming and snuggling—or do you use getaways away from your address to fill you up? If you're like us, your home is your sanctuary...and if you share it with others, we can't speak more highly of having a special space that nurtures just the two of you and the two of you alone. In our opinion, it's nurturing, not selfish, and will mean your tank is more filled for one another as well as all the people in your circle.


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