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Sex Toys. Yes or No?

Curious about your love’s bedroom curiosity? Wish they’d clue in to some of your own sexy desires? Get talking, Cohabimaters! Here’s what we can offer from our own experience: Next time you’re hanging out relaxing, driving or DIYing a project together, gauge their interest in bedroom games or how they feel about introducing one of the many toys out there to enhance our most intimate (and exciting!) adulting time.

(Be sure to know your own feels about all the sexy things in case they ask your opinion...and if they don’t ask, offer it up to keep conversation flowing.)

If you do get the green light to make a purchase, sit down together and thumb through Adam & Eve, our fave place for vibrators and the like. Because experimentation and play ain’t just for kiddos, yaknow, and life is too short to wonder.


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