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Welcome To Cohabimates™!

We are Cohabimates™, and we're dedicated—devoted!—to the pursuit of of deeply knowing your partner. We want you to really dig into your compatibility, and talk up the topics that couples early in their relationship often avoid (aka #thegoods, as we call them). Because we think learning what makes your partner tick will help make your relationship thrive.

So, let's explore.

We invite you to go beyond the day-to-day opinions on political views and how they like their coffee in the morning. We'll offer thought provoking questions about your future children, aging parents, sexual desires, and unspoken fears. Because successful coupling requires a hungry sense of curiosity about your mate.

Be bold.

Most of us dance around these questions because we don't know how to bring them up. Or sometimes, we are afraid of what we'll find. Will you have the courage to explore these topics earlier in your relationship and build a solid foundation to support your future?

Cohabimates™ introduces questions of all kinds to help developing couples explore each other in ways that build compatibility, one provocative conversation at a time.


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