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What Did Your Partner Want To Be When They Grew Up?

Most kids have an image in mind of what they want to be when they grow up, and when they are grown, they’ll either look back on that idea with a sense of accomplishment, humor, or regret. That’s why getting to know your partner’s childhood dreams is a great way to learn more about how closely they feel their life has actually unfolded versus how they thought it would. ⠀ For the record...sometimes, it’s not a job or career that’s that adulting goal. Maybe they wanted to accomplish something to be remembered for, or to live somewhere exotic. Maybe the dream was family-oriented or spiritually focused. Maybe it changed a ton of times between adolescence and college. Maybe their dream at 5 is only now accomplish-able now that you’re in their life. ⠀ you know your Love’s dreams? Why did (or didn’t) they pursue them? Did they have to make sacrifices along the way that held their dreams at bay? Was there something preventing them from pursuing the life they wanted? Do they still have their dream today...or is their life better for it not coming true? TONS of next-level getting-to-know-you-depth in this question. All about ambition, commitment, creativity, passion, ideals. Dive in and enjoy.


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