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What Does Your Partner Consider To Be 'A Lot' of Money?

Have you ever gotten into an argument because your partner spent money on something without discussing it with you first?

When you take a step back, you’ll realize that “a lot” is relative and arbitrary. It means different amounts to different people: To someone who comes from little means, “a lot” may be $100; for someone who comes from abundance, it may be $10,000.

Discovering what your partner considers to be a large sum of money can also lead to a growth mindset. Pooling your collective resources can suddenly make the formerly-out-of-reach, possible. Or perhaps it leads to a discussion about savings and frugality. Investing in your future. Nice-to-have luxuries vs rainy day savings. Regardless…seeing things from a different angle can be liberating.

So, what is “a lot” in your relationship? When finances are the result of your collective efforts, make sure you are on the same page about your spending habits. What was fine as a single person, may cause some real challenges as a couple.

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