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What Role Does Watching Sports Play In Your Relationship?

It is playoff season again for American football, which means many weekends revolve around living rooms filled with friends and giant platters of nachos. Great times? You bet (when your team wins...LOL). Homegating in front of your TV, hitting the local bar with big screens or tailgating at the actual stadium can be amazing shared experiences for your and your Love—IF…you're both into sports.

I have friends who plan their whole weekends around the NCAA football schedule, and it leaves little time for anything else. This can be difficult on the other half of the relationship and lead to some unwelcome arguments if they don’t share the same sporty passion.

Sharing the love of following a favorite team allows cohabimates to enjoy quality time and bond in both victory and defeat; but if half the partnership isn’t a fan, you could be looking at compromises down the road. So pay careful attention to festering resentment if you can’t, er, play nice and strike a balance. Even if you don’t openly voice your disappointment, it'll eventually bubble to the surface...and probably not too gracefully.

On the flip side, learning to watch your Love’s sports could be the start of an incredible shared passion! If you make an effort to participate, ask them to reciprocate by including you in theirs, and be patient while they teach you so you can go from rookie to pro quickly. ⚡️TAKE-AWAY⚡️—You both bring separate interests into a relationship: they’re part of what makes you attractive to be with! Sports are hugely influential on attention and time (um: “fan” is short for FANATIC) so be mindful of how deep those passions run, and communicate and compromise with your partner to make room for them while prioritizing each other…and yourself.


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