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When Was The Last Time You Asked A Question You Were Nervous To Hear The Answer To?

Every relationship starts with the thrill of discovering what makes your Potential Mr. or Mrs. One-and-Only tick. What we’ve figured out in other failed relationships is that learning your love takes courage, openness and interest. It goes beyond knowing your lover’s pro-choice or pro-life stance or how they take their coffee. To us, learning means actively leaning in: clawing into the tough questions about future children, aging parents, sexual desires, and unspoken fears. It’s about revealing shadow selves. Dark shit. And, lightness and love. ⠀ ⠀

We’ve chosen not to dance around tough questions. No one taught us how to bring them up, but somehow, we knew if we didn’t, we’d never reach the relationship pinnacle we’d craved since we were kids. Is it scary? Fuckyeah. Are we afraid of what we’ll hear? Sometimes. But by exploring big issues, funny issues, bathroom issues, dealbreaker issues, and loving issues early on, we’ve built a solid foundation to support our that "the goods” as we call ‘em—aren’t left unsaid. ⠀ ⠀

Are the crucial conversations that can cement your future something you wanna leave up to chance? We think not. Intimacy isn’t just found through sex, and sex without connection lacks staying power. To couple successfully—to sustain life’s curveballs—you’ve got to lean in to crucial conversations.


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