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Password Protected: Would You Hand Your Partner Your Phone Any Time They Asked?

Sooooo...if you hesitated with this one, spend some time thinking about why. There are plenty of good reasons we all have for maintaining privacy: Everyone is entitled to having thoughts that don’t need to be verbalized and private interests that they hold as their own. But do those reasons teeter on the edge of a violation of trust? Would you object to your love knowing the password on your phone? Is there anything on it that would cause your partner pain or sadness if they saw it? If the answer to either is yes, consider how fragile trust is, and that once broken, it's extremely hard to repair. ⠀ ⠀

Agreeing to this simple rule with phones is a commitment to transparency and trust. Put some guidelines in place if you need to (I don’t want her seeing my Etsy wish list because it’s mostly future presents for her) but talk about what‘s OK and what isn’t. Handing over your phone to your partner at any time is a powerful affirmation of trust and love.


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