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Would You Sign a Pre-nup?

No one likes thinking about the end at the beginning, but in hindsight, how many couples wish they had? Though this is a tough one to explore, before you dismiss it completely, consider...⠀ — A commonly referenced stat is that 42-45 percent of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. ( divorce every 36 seconds. Yikes.)⠀

— Many millennials are the product of divorced families, and are predisposed to avoiding the mistakes their parents made.⠀

— Nearly 50 percent of singles think drafting a pre-nup is a good idea, yetttt...⠀

— Only 3 percent of marrieds (or those planning their marriage) have a pre-nup in place.⠀ Now, no one wants to enter a lifelong commitment with the person they love madly while negotiating how to end it if they fail. (Nothing like: “Babe, I love you, but I’m flat-out admitting there’s a chance we won’t make it.”) for one, it’s scary to consider. Then there’s the loss of romance, since creating a life together doesn’t want to be interrupted with pragmatic contingency planning. And *then* there’s the fact that in some religions, divorce isn’t even permissible, so why discuss it? (Fact: Even faith-based couples get divorced. For example, in the United States, Catholics share the same divorce rate as Atheists, so no one is completely immune.) ⠀ We’re not advocating for pre-nups either way—it has to be right for your situation and relationship. As always, what Cohabimates does advocate is having the courage to talk through tough topics (aka #TheGoods) with your Love before vows are exchanged. The more willingly you explore things you don’t really want to discuss, the stronger your relationship roots will be. Cohabimation and marriage aren’t all sunshine and rainbows (though you can *can* have more light than dark!). You’ll have tough times. How you deal with them will largely define the strength of your future together. ⠀


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