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Romance 101: Leave Love Reminders.

Don’t overlook little, loving gestures. Through no one’s fault, they tend to get forgotten or unnoticed as you get deeper into a relationship. Our fave relationship mantra #NoFuckingHoneymoon means you have a responsibility (and the ability!) to keep the creativity alive that keeps your relationship fires burning lonnnnng after the “honeymoon period” should allegedly be over.

In our digital age, one of the most meaningful little gestures is a simple handwritten note. Remember greeting cards? The kind in actual paper envelopes? When was the last time you left one for your partner when it wasn’t their birthday? Even if it simply says “I love you,” it‘ll be felt and remembered.

Need some inspo? 💡Flip through the unused blank pages of their newly purchased notepad and leave a tiny love note in the margin on future pages. 💡Does your partner travel? Slip a note in their bag where they may (or may not) find it while they are away. Guaranteed smile when they do find it (even if it months later). 💡Put a note in their slippers telling them how much you love their toes. 💡Slip a small gift card to their favorite coffee shop in their closed laptop so they find it when they get to work. 💡For tomorrow morning, write a note on the shower door in soap or on the bathroom mirror in a dry/wet-erase marker so they see it when they wake. 💡Tape a note on the back of the TV remote letting them know how much they turn you on.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination...because the little things count.


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