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How Does Your Partner Feel About Pets?

This is Eli. He wonders your feels about pets, too.

Inquiring minds (read: ours) want to know:

🐶 Is your partner a volunteer cat-petter, or does the sight of fur make them sneeze?

🐱 Are they more Miss Hannigan—the hell-witch from @anniemovie—or the end-of-movie Daddy Warbucks who’d adopt Annie, Oliver and the whole orphanage?

🐠 Do they prefer their future “children” with four paws, or see their “kids” living in a tank; dog bed; in someone else’s house; or in an off-the-grid ark they’re building?

The pets our partners were raised with often influence their adult-home preferences, and since their passion for a Lassie, Nemo or Miss Kitty of their own could range from wanting one, or five, or more animals (or…no pet at all, if they have no pulse), we recommend getting super clear about whether you want pets in your life before tackling the topic. That way, your partner's answer won’t toss a monkey wrench in your budding love.


❓Are animals a do-or-die dealbreaker for how you want to build a home? 

❓Could you be with someone who doesn’t love your dog? How ‘bout someone who can’t live without theirs? 

❓How flexible are you to observing your partner's passion for having a pet (or not) when they bring it up, and being able to have a calm and earnest convo about it?

In our experience, it’s tantamount to know your partner's answers to subjects that’ll directly influence your life together (and...we think it's just as important to know your own feels about big issues before digging into  conversations). We call this metric a couple's #consciouscompatibility, and we’re passionate about it being THE thing—in addition to the  l-o-v-e thing—that leads to longterm, BFF partnerships.

Curious about how to have the best, most wholehearted (and honest!) #crucialconversations? We’ve got a brand-spanking-new site (link in bio) where you can download our FREE guide to conscious compatibility. We worked our tushies off writing it. And we think it’ll help you as it continues to help us.

Oh, and…


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